The reviews are rolling in…

“I pray that this greets you in health and bliss. I came across your music online and it felt like some divine providence —that I was meant to hear it. Your songs have a simple delightfulness. Upon listening additional times–a true potency is discovered. Yes! Peace is possible and worthy of pursuing. Your music is the sweet soundtrack of looking inward,loving outward and humanity progressing forward and upward. So beautiful.
Your vocals have the warmth and sincerity of a home-coming. Your lyrics resonates as ocean deep.”
— Laya Lavender

“I loved your song “Talkin’ Keep Austin Weird”! The perfect blend of colloquial fun and philosophy. Loved it. Many thanks for glorifying Srila Prabhupada and his message in this way. More power to ya!.” — Shyamasundar das–(Author of “Chasing Rhinos With the Swami”)

“What you are doing is very important. You need to keep doing it. A lot of people here in town in Austin, you know, it’s changing. It’s turning corporate and they’re all checking out. But we all need to be reminded of what you are talking about. It’s a good message. Keep it going.”
— Wayne Kimes (Austin, Texas Singer-Songwriter)

“Your song, ‘The Peace Formula,’ is something special with it heartfelt vocals and lyrics with profound meaning. A new release of this magnitude does not come along very often. Highest recommendation!”

Matthew B.

Katherine Bradley from Gulf Breeze, Florida after hearing “Global Respiritualization” wrote, “Love it.”

Thanks for the love!

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