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I was formerly a popular singer-songwriter rooted in the counter-cultural era of the 60’s and the early 70’s. I desired through my music to spark off a spiritual revolution for bringing perfect peace and happiness to the entire world.

Sankarshan Das Adhikari
Rooted in the 70’s
Man with a mission

In 1968 as a young American hippie spiritual seeker I decided to renounce/deny everything and go to India to become a holy man for the rest of my life. However on the way to India I realized that if I was to deny everything, I would to have to also deny denial itself. So instead of heading east to India I grabbed my guitar and hitchhiked to San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury District on a mission to bring love and peace to the whole world. I became a Haight Ashbury street singer and a campus singer at the University of California at Berkeley. I shared the stage with the Jefferson Airplane and the Grateful Dead at the famous Polo Fields Concert in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park on 7 May 1969 in which the emcee publicly predicted my eminent fame. In 1970 I relocated to the University of Texas at Austin where I became famous as the Campus Minstrel. My desire to lead the world out of chaos brought me to a deep level of spiritual realization. My song “The Peace Formula”, which was very much appreciated by Barack Obama when he was the US President, is one of the many results of my deep spiritual realization. Now my world deliverance mission continues. I have been blessed with the knowledge how the whole world can be peaceful and happy. The big challenge I face now is how to get my message out to the entire world population, especially the leaders, as soon as possible before we see a total melt down of our global society.

Letter of appreciation from the former US President Barack Obama who very much appreciated my song, The Peace Formula, and wrote me as follows on 24 December 2015 from the White House in Washington DC:

Sankarshan Das Adhikari Letter from White house