1. Tranquility

From the recording Our Sweet Lord

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My song “Tranquility” gives to the people of this planet the supreme benediction. It truly reveals the key that will set everyone free from all misery for all eternity.


Here is the key that will set you free from all misery for eternity
Are you ready now to open up the door that will take you to the other shore?

Just give your love to the Supreme. You’ll attain tranquility.

Spoon fed with lies for your many lives
Tricked by disguise, your true self you madly despised
Are you ready for your consciousness to mend,
To bring ignorance and misery to their end?

Chorus preceded by “Then.”

Drowning in Illusion, with confusion in profusion
Kill delusion by existential transfusion.
Are you ready for your true identity, empowered to absolutely be?

Chorus preceded by “Yes.”

Dylan made it clear: “There’s some way out of here.”
So kick out all fear, embrace the place that is most dear.
Are you ready now to fly beyond the sky, to that world where no one ever dies?


There’s something amiss If you’re not full of bliss
If you catch my gist, you absolutely won’t miss this.
Are you ready for all misery to be undone? Just love the one from whom everything has come.


So now what you do is completely up to you.
All misery can be through if you transcendentalize your view.
Are you ready to realize highest truth and eternal all-blissful youth?

Do it! Right now! Yeah!