From the recording Our Sweet Lord

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“Global Respiritualization” boldly calls for the ultimate paradigm shift, an immediate global spiritual revolution. This will immediately solve all the problems of the world. Anyone who embraces within their heart this spiritual revolution will taste a life full of unlimited bliss.


Our planet is plunging into dark abyss.
All hell is exploding. Everything’s amiss.

So we’ve got to revolution, we’ve got to revolution
We’ve got to revolutionize this planet right now.
(Rignt now, ya’ll.)

Our planetary culture is out of sync with the Supreme
It’s a mass psychosis pandemonium extreme.

Chorus (Oh yeah!)

Divorced from our source into chaos we’ve been hurled
But now if we reconnect, We’ll surely save the world.

Chorus (Do it!)
‘Stead of serving your body, which is just a covering of you,
Serve your spirit-self within and relish life anew.

Chorus (That’s it!)

Water the root of the tree, whole tree is nourished.
Serve Supreme Person, whole world will flourish


My love to all of you. I ask you, “Give this a try."
You’ll be super dazzled when it gets you incredibly high.

Chorus (Whole world!)

Get yourself in the vanguard of this ultimate paradigm shift
Global respiritualization you’ll taste unlimited bliss


Yes, there’s no other solution for global dissolution
Than to re-spiritualize this planet right now.